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Company Profile
Company Profile

Prism Consultancy has been founded with a broad based product portfolio, Certified Contract Manufacturing Services, Internationally approved and acclaimed BE/BA sturdy partners, expertise in the International Regulatory Affairs documentation & site variations, and out licensing of products with a simple objective - facilitating the manufacture of complex formulations, big pharmaceutical companies who intend to save on cost and time for contract manufacturing ,and Generic companies who are in search of  internationally approved and acclaimed BE/BA studies which fit into their regulatory documents, and also the CTD/ANDA/Any country regulatory file preparation for submission.

To ensure that we deliver the value our Clients deserve, we are focused on continually improving the way we do business; on operating with transparency in everything we do; and on listening to the views of all of the people involved in our business. We know that we can best ensure that Pharma companies everywhere have access to innovative medicines’ services  through working in partnership with everyone from Companies to providers , managed care organizations to world  MOH’s  and non-governmental organizations.

Prism Consultancy’s long-term business will be consolidated by building collaborations with other pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical partners, biotechnology companies and universities for in-licensing, out-licensing products and the development and preparation of a long list of product dossiers, Contract manufacturing them through India and imparting all required services to its clients.

Blockbuster patent expirations, fewer drugs in the pipeline, rising numbers of generics and regulatory pressures are causing the pharmaceutical industry to question the fundamentals on which it has relied. Generic companies have the opportunity to align their marketing competencies in order to realize the opportunities of existing and evolving product lines. We Prism Consultancy await your fastest connect for your valuable requirements.

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